The Damn Weather

Its all very well have the ambition to film something, but the weather is frustrating me at the moment.

Of course to a film maker this is not new. Many a great director has been stymied by the lack of sunshine for his or her movie. There is nothing one can do about it but wait for the skies to clear and the yellow orb that this planet encircles decides to pop its smiling face out and shine merrily for us all. It is irritating none the less.

Fortunately I have plenty of other things to be getting on with so provided my trusty Mr. Pegram is flexible we can work around the grim, dull and actually quite dark skies that are due to plague the South Coast this week.

I have a few computer graphic models to create for the next production and that all takes time. There is a new set to paint and prepare for the weekly or fortnightly video podcast I have in planned for next year and I need to work out what the next Bald Explorer production will be to follow this one and start researching it.

In fact, there is never enough time to get everything done so I shouldn’t complain. I must try and learn to make better use of the free time given to me during this non filming days!

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