Meet the Bald Explorer

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer
Care for a cuppa?

Film maker and amateur historian, Richard Vobes is enthusiastically exploring Britain’s great heritage, traditions and legends. This website is the deposit for his findings whether a blog, or as photos or as a series of documentary videos. Recently the Bald Explorer has been picked up by the Community Channel, a television station broadcasting on Sky 359, Virgin Media 233, Freeview 87 and BT Vision.
Cycling Around Britain
I am on my bike exploring this fabulous country

Many people who live in this wonderful land take it for granted and forget there are at least two thousand years of fascinating stories to tell. We can walk down the high street of most towns and actually stride past a 900 year old church, a 600 year old timber framed house and 300 year old Georgian mansion without ever batting an eye.
Look no Paddle
Who says I am a drifter?

If you are fascinated by the Roman’s, Norman Castles, the Smugglers of the Kentish Coast, Highwaymen, or the restoration of the old canals, then there is something for you. Keep returning for more updates and videos, including features looking behind the scenes of how the programmes are made.

You can follow me on Google+ or Twitter @BaldExplorer or @Vobes and check out the Facebook page.

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