Shooting Will Commence

Having now completed the script for the Bald Explorer episode 3 project, based on the information gather from a number of sources, including Mary Waugh’s fine and authoritative book on the subject, I am ready to start filming.

I have once again secured the services of Mr. Pegram who so generously gave up him time to assist on the first outing of the B.E and with the promise of a belly full of fine Kentish Fayre from a suitable ale house we aim to set off for the Smuggling country next week and commence the shooting process.

This time, the Bald Explorer will be peddling his bicycle across the flat Romney Marshes on the trail of the Free Traders, explaining their colourful history and having a gander at the unique landscape these characters plied their trade in. I hope to be addressing what it what like back in the 18th and 19th centuries particularly and how it has changed and how the countryside, villages and towns appear today.

Although there is a script, I am very open to filming opportunities that arise from our exploits and taking on board suggestions from the locals along the way. There have been lots of help thus far and amongst the things to look out for in the next video production should be an overnight stay in a typical smugglers Inn, a guided tour of the headquarters of a notorious and violent smuggling gang and the remains of the deserted villages that are scattered about the marshes used very often to hide the smuggler contraband.

I will of course up date you with photos and blog posts of the progress as I go and upload teasers videos of the work so far produced. I hope you will be as excited about the forthcoming production as I am.

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