Live Streaming from an Allotment

Last night, 30th May 2018, The Vobes Show, the sister channel of the Bald Explorer, streamed its LIVE show from an allotment in Littlehampton. Viewer and contributor, Richard Suggett from the Veg Grower Podcast, invited TLJ (The Lovely Julia) and myself to broadcast our daily live internet show from his amazing vegetable patch at the Littlehampton allotments. Graphic artist Jonathan Bulezuik also dropped in for the fun.

At 8pm we set the stream going and presented a relaxed format show with two cameras and chatted about allotment themes, exploring the world of veg growing and eating healthy food produced locally. All the while Richard was cooking beef burgers and sausages on his BBQ. At the same time the viewing audience asked questions via Facebook which we answered to the best of our ability.

Combined with the recent live show from The Regency Town House in Hove and the feedback from the audience, I aim to do more of these outside broadcasts. The portable modem with 4g connectivity held up very well giving me faith that we can take the show on the road and produce more enjoyable content for everyone.

You can watch the allotment episode here: Vobes Show

The Regency Town House is here: Regency Town House

Find out more about Richard Suggett and his podcast here: The Veg Grower Podcast

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