Steaming Ahead with Videos

The format of daily video uploads, Monday to Friday, on Facebook and Youtube is approaching a year now and I am thrilled that I have been able to keep producing them at that break-neck rate. My audience is growing and the positive feedback startling. Therefore, I’m encouraged to continue for a second year. So far the subjects covered in the short 10 minute videos range from hunting out ancient burial mounds on the South Downs in the depth of Winter to riding on the back of a puffing traction engine through the busy market town of Petersfield

The live shows have also proved popular, especially on location. Whether streaming our humorous nonsense from an allotment in Littlehampton or conducting serious interviews in costume from The Regency Town House in Hove, the experience has been immensely satisfying. The Bald Explorer’s unique style of entertainment is expanding .

The future holds more fun and games for both the bald Explorer audience and its presenters. I am thrilled to confirm the pairing up with Beddenden in Kent, a village celebrating many on hundred year achievements; Preston Manor, the historic house museum in Brighton and the mesmerizing TractorFest 2018 festival. The shared promotion approach is a great way to promote one another’s brand; a win win for all concerned.

Keep checking for updates from the Bald Explorer and we chuff-chuff our way through the second half of the year.


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