Video: Behind the Scenes – Dungeness

This is the second of our Behind the Scenes videos. This time I am in Dungeness on the south coast of Kent. I am filming on my own. The police come over to have a word and ask em what I am up to. Its all quite exciting.

3 Replies to “Video: Behind the Scenes – Dungeness”

  1. I visited the beach back in 2006 on a little road trip. There was a delightful Fish and chips restaurant near by if my memory is correct.

    Also, am I right in saying that the area is classed as a desert? I could be way off but I’m sure I heard that somewhere.

  2. I am not sure about the desert comment, but it sure does feel like that. In bad weather it can be quite bleak.

    I don’t eat fish myself but there seems to be plenty of people fishing fresh supplies.

  3. Great bit of video – I have always been intrigued by the Google Maps overview of the place.. so sandy and sparse.

    Unfortunately you can’t go right up to them now (since the bridge has been destroyed – I believe they’re in the heart of the bird sanctuary), but there are some amazing concrete reflecting ‘sound mirrors’ that were used during wartime to listen out for planes.

    keep the videos coming – great stuff!


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