Filming on the Seven Sisters

Only a half day today, but I think reasonably successful filming with Mr. Pegram at the seven Sisters as we try to explain the story of Smugglers of the 18th and 19th Century for the next episode of the wondering bald bloke who likes to explore.

Today we were not able to get the car as close to the filming location as we had hoped, but luckily for us, just off the A259, at Cuckmere Haven, close to the Seven Sisters, Sussex’s most impressive white cliffs, (some say better than those at Dover) is a small car park adjacent to a public House. I am sorry to say the name of the hostelry escapes me. However, from there it is a matter of a 20 minute walk to along a very pleasant bridal way down to the coast where the views are stunning, particularly on a bright and sunny day. Alas ours wasn’t. It was fairly atmospheric though with the low level cloud and sea mists rolling in of the English Channel. The chalk cliffs are most definitely worth the stroll. Its a very magical place and even though the weather was a little foreboding there were plenty of people out for some fresh air walking their beloved dogs. Even a school party of red topped infants gingering made their way down to the foot of the enormous chalk face along with their intrepid teachers. I can imagine in the summer months it would be packed!

The camera was soon unpacked and batteries attached. I strutted up and down trying to deliver the lines of the script in the most entertaining fashion possible all the while struggling to grasp my lines. I ought to know them as I have written the script, but that does actually seem to make it worse to bring them to forefront of my mind. Retake after retake and finally the words tripped out in the correct order.

As usual we had a few problems with wind. We perhaps should have been better prepared for this as its isn’t really surprising to find the cliff tops a little gusty, but with out properly protected microphones you can get a rumble effect as the air buffets the sensitive casing of the recording device. That said though we managed pretty well and managed to get most of the shots in the can. I have yet to check them and I will do that shortly.

Lunch on the way was a via a pub, a different one from the first, and again I couldn’t remember the name of the damn place. Food was good and service provided with a smile. I think both Mr. Pegram and I were glad to get the first week over and done with and can now relax over the weekend before starting all over again in a completely different location.

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