Episode 6: An Abandoned Canal

An Abandoned Canal: Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer and, in this episode, is on the trail of an old water navigation that was once thought lost and discovers the plans to put it back into water.

First shown on the Community Channel on Sunday 17th March 2013.

3 Replies to “Episode 6: An Abandoned Canal”

  1. I saw your interesting programme on the Shrewsbury and Newport Canals.

    In it, you said that Berwick Tunnel at 970 yards was to the longest tunnel in the world when built. I don’t think that is true.

    Sapperton Tunnel on the Thames & Severn Canal was opened in 1789 and was about 4 times longer as well as being wider, higher and much deeper. Sapperton is believed to be the longest in the world at that time and the Cotswold Canals Trust aims to restore it and relink the rivers Thames and Severn.

    There are other older canal tunnels longer than 970 yards.

    1. Hi Ken

      Thanks so much for watching. You may well have the better of me regarding the length of the Berwick Tunnel. My sources gave me that information and being a mere explorer and not a canal historian, I hoped that my research was up to scratch. However, if I am wrong, I am more than happy to stand corrected and I trust this fact didn’t ruin the rest of the programme for you. It was a joy to make and explore as I am relatively new to canals. Thanks for watching and getting in touch. Richard.

  2. No problem. I K Brunel used to go about claiming his Box tunnel was the longest in the world when built. Its not as long as Sapperton and Box was built half a century later through very similar geology and seems to have used a much larger workforce and had many more accidents.

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