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Episode 6: An Abandoned Canal

An Abandoned Canal: Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer and, in this episode, is on the trail of an old water navigation that was once thought lost and discovers the plans to put it back into water. First shown on the Community Channel on Sunday 17th March 2013.

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Final Preview of Canal Prog

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer seeking out Britain’s fabulous heritage. In this episode for the Community Channel, to air hopefully in January, he is exploring a lost canal that the Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust are eager to see back in water. Thomas Telford was involved towards the end of the construction and Richard […]

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Coracle on a Canal

I have been back in Shropshire filming more footage for the Bald Explorer over the last few days and on this occasion I had my son, Billy, to assist me. We had a number of key sequences to shoot including the opening, various pieces to camera and a coracle in the only surviving ‘looked after’ […]

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