What goes on behind the Scenes?

If you become a Patron of the Bald Explorer and help support the show you receive some goodies in your inbox everyday. For one thing, there is the Naked Englishman podcast, the very personal audio journal of Richard Vobes, the Bald Explorer. Often described as ‘a stream of consciousness’ it charts the on going soap opera of his life and the many challenging events encountered. For example, over the past thirteen years, Richard has spoken candidly about the loss of his left eye and the many operations carried out to save it; his son’s terrible brain hemorrhage and near loss of life; his father dementia and the ‘drop everything’ to care for him until his death.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Richard speaks joyously about the thrill of producing videos every day for the Facebook and Youtube channels.

Also arriving in each patron’s inbox is the exclusive weekly ‘Behind the Scenes’ video which summons up the many fun events happening and videos in preparation.

So if you enjoy the content and fancy helping out, do consider supporting the show. A small donation really makes a difference. Check out the side bar on the website for ways to keep the videos coming! And thank you.

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