On top of the World

While shooting the second episode of the Bald Explorer I have had to do some very odd things, but certainly one of the most interesting has been clambering up Lord Hill’s Column in Shrewsbury and then yesterday, ascending the very cramped spiral stair case inside the old parish church of Myddle in order to shoot that all important establishing shot!

Dave, the owner of Castle Farm, had very kindly asked the vicar of the near by church if we might have the key to the ancient bell tower. It would be the perfect place to look down on the ruins of the old castle. Harriet, Georgie and I, following Dave’s lead, gingering climbed the narrow dusty stone staircase in almost total darkness until we arrived at a tiny door which lead onto the parapet.

Edging our way round to the other side, I was able to balance the camera on the wall and shoot down to the remains of Myddle Castle through the crenelations. It was fabulous.


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