New Episode Finished!

cast-churchesI am thrilled to announce that the crumbling Churches episode is now completed. This will be transmitted later this year on the wonderful Community Channel. (

It has been great to run around the Sussex countryside looking at and filming old churches. The rural parish church is facing the hardship of reduced congregations and tough repair bills. How will they manage to keep themselves afloat? What happens if they can’t? These are just some of the issues I go off to investigate in my programme.

As many regular viewers and visitors may be aware, we shall be starting a Kickstarter project soon to raise funds to produce a further six episodes of the Bald Explorer this year. They will be shot in the Autumn. As part of the incentive to get support from fans of the ‘BE’ the Crumbling Churches episode will be available to download and watch in advance of the transmission. So if you wish to be ahead of the game, put your hand in your pocket and make a donation to keep the programmes coming and you will receive a link to view the episode. You can either wait for the official Kickstarter or donate on the website here. (To the right of screen.)

If you have already donated, then you will receive the link to the video as soon as it is available online automatically.

My thanks go Georgie Lindsey, my daughter, and to Jimmy as well as the Rev. John Gay for making the episode possible.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with all the Bald Explorer episodes, podcasts and news of the new episodes on other pages of this website.

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