I am not an expert!

This thing I call the Bald Explorer is about passion. It is rooted in the enthusiasm I have for our historic past, but I must make it totally clear that I am not an expert. I don’t even know in truth what being an expert really means. I am not an academic or a historian. I have not been to university to study a preordained course of work to achieve either knowledge nor obtain a piece of paper with qualifications attached.

So far the experiments in video presented on this web site and the telling of history as I see it have been useful as a development method, but are not yet the final work that I wish to present to you the viewing public. I am very much aware that I am still finding my feet and exploring the tools of film production to impart the passion about the history of Britain and its amazing relics which are here to see, feel and touch as well as wonder at and be amazed by. But let me state quite categorically that I do not in anyway feel that I have achieved the correct method of conveying that emotion and shall, as best as I can, given all the financial restrictions and time constraints, continue to search for the path that brings forth the best way to engage with my audience.

More than anything else though, I acknowledge that I am not an expert in any of this and in fact that is not ambition of the Bald Explorer. It isn’t about becoming the fount of all knowledge on the given subjects or quests within each video presentation, but simply to demonstrate that this country in which I live and have my being has a utterly fascinating past, an important and essential one, one that explains who we are and potentially where we are going. My goal is not to bore people with dry facts and figures and tell them all this is good to know, but to share my passion, enthuse and engage and explain why I think all these historic events and buildings, relics and stories matter and are important to us now. I may not be right, but it is my explorations and conclusions that I wish to impart

I have realized looking back at the work so far carried out that I haven’t in anyway achieved this, but by simply grasping that fact, I am hopefully going to find it easier to determine the correct path in the future. I hope that I shall slowly master and over come the technical constraints and tackle the problems of video production, the challenges of using the camera and presentation styles to convey in a linear way the essence of my story, and cope with the limitations of access to historic materials, buildings and places so that the audience can appreciate the message and enjoy the experience with me.

Thank you for your support and visiting this website.

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