An Evening With …

I am floating the idea of putting together a live show – An Evening with the Bald Explorer and Martin Snow.

Martin and I have been racing about the countryside in Sussex making videos about the local heritage. Quite a lot have been in Worthing where we both live. A lovely supportive community is building up on the Bald Explorer’s Facebook Page ( ) and it struck me that there might be enough enthusiasm for a small venue to be hired and an evening of history and fun put on.

I am thrilled to say that having suggested the idea on the Facebook page, a huge level of support has been given and now I feel I must start planning to action this crazy idea. I will keep everyone updated.

The content of the show will hopefully be a bit of fun and laughter, some history and biography, maybe an unseen video and a question and answer session and the to finish off even a quiz.

I am suggesting sometime in January next year, probably near the end so there is time to make a book and plan for the event.


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