Working on the CG for BE 3

For the past week I have been working on the graphics and CGI for the third Bald Explorer episode entitled ‘Smugglers on the South Coast of England’. This is not really my speciality and I struggle with the various programmes I use to create reasonable animations. It is always a learning curve, but thank goodness for the good old Internet and tutorials. Someone has usually done more or less what I have wanted before and even better put together either a written or better still video version of what I want to do.

I try to keep them small and to the point so they simply enhance and explain information that is difficult to describe any other way. I don’t like to use computer graphics just for the sake of it or to show and say ‘Hey, look what I can do!’ But when you have a limited budget some parts of the story cannot be easily shot and a clever piece of CGI is perfect to get you out of a hole.

The good thing is that although it is a tricky job I am learning all the time and each time I try to push myself to do better effects.

There is not much more to shoot for the production. One scene I have to do is where I have a conversation with myself. That should be relatively easy for me as I am continually chatting to myself when at home. I aim to have two versions of me face to face. Its nothing new in video of course and those with just a smattering of experience will already be guessing ‘Split screen’ and you would be right.

So when is the release of Ep 3? Probably around the first week of February, allowing for time out to go and work and actually earn some money to pay the mortgage! I will keep you posted of course!

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