Episode Four – First Monuments

Prehistoric Monuments: Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer and is on a journey of discovery around Britain. In this episode, he tracks down some of our earliest monuments left by prehistoric man.

Broadcast on the Community Channel.

4 Replies to “Episode Four – First Monuments”

  1. Hello Richard. A great series of programmes. Very interesting and entertaining. However, when I try to watch this one, it says this video for episode 4 is unavailable. Is there a DVD available of all your excellent programmes please? I missed the early ones on Community Channel. Thanks.

    1. Hi Felicity, So sorry for the later reply. Episode four is a re-edited version of an ealier incarnation of the Bald Explorer. Fortunately I still have the earlier video on Vimeo.

      I hope you enjoy this:

      Thanks so much, Richard

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