Behind the Scenes for 23rd -29th September 2018

Behind the Scenes

My mother died this week, which sadly puts a downer on some of the posts, but Julia kept me upbeat when filming in Tottington Woods. Previously you had to be a patron a Patron of The Bald Explorer to receive the behind-the-scenes video of the week’s activities. It is now made public for all. Another […]

Bald Explorer goes to a Ploughing Match – HEDGELAYING

The Art of Hedgelaying

Hedgelaying is a country skill practiced mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with many regional variations in style and technique. Hedgelaying is the process of bending and partially cutting through the stems of a line of shrubs or small trees near ground level and arching the stems without breaking them, so they can grow […]

Bald Explorer goes to a Ploughing Match: VINTAGE PLOUGHING

Vintage Tractors

The West Grinstead and District Ploughing and Agricultural Society, established in 1871, has been holding shows for over 125 years and is very pro active in promoting the interests of the local farming community. Today I meet up with Richard Verrall, farmer and woodland owner, who takes me around the ploughing match and explains the […]