Exploring The Yew Tree at Priors Dean Church, Hampshire

Exploring The Yew Tree at Priors Dean Church

Time to explore another yew tree. This one is at Priors Dean Church in Hampshire. Julia Hartley and Elizabeth Housden join me on this rough and ready look at the ancient tree which surely has to be two thousand years old. The adjacent church is Saxon and only half that age, but is a charming […]

Searching for the Poet’s Stone in Steep, Hants

The Poet's Stone

Today I am looking for a marker stone, a lump of rock dedicated to Edward Thomas, the poet, who lived and walked and wrote about the landscape around Hampshire. The lovely Julia and I are joined by Elizabeth Housden, author, actress, and Thomas enthusiast. Liz explain more about this influential poet’s life and takes us […]

A Walk From North Stoke to South Stoke in West Sussex

The Gurkha Bridge

Having made a video about North Stoke Church, Cynthia Julian and myself take a stroll to South Stoke, another small village with a fascinating church. We aim to make a video about it at a later date. To get there we traverse lovely countryside, follow a narrow raised tree tunnel and cross two sections of […]

Dr Annabelle Hughes Takes Me Round North Stoke Church

North Stoke Church

Today I am in North Stoke in West Sussex. St Mary the Virgin is a partly 11th-century cruciform building, set in an almost deserted village in a loop of the River Arun and is mostly unrestored. It stands on an ancient earthwork which has pre-Christian origins. The building has architectural features and internal fittings spanning […]