Discover Britain’s Heritage

The British Isles is steeped in history and its heritage is all around us. In this busy modern world of ours, we rarely take the time stop and take in these fabulous wonders, whether they’re stone built castles, ancient mills, timber-framed windmills or any of the thousands of relics of a another time. It is often left to visitors from overseas to remind us that we have such an abundant tapestry of riches that should be appreciated, looked after and made available for all to enjoy.

Step in the Bald Explorer. My name is Richard Vobes, film maker, presenter and writer. I have become a tourist in my own country, discovering Britain’s great heritage and my aim is to produce videos that help promote our hidden and overlooked gems. You are invited to join me on my journey as I explore this wonder nation and its incredible treasures that so many of us simply take for granted.