Bald Explorer on Patreon

In the event of the new short format Bald Explorer shows, I have ventured into the world of seeking patronage. Patreon is the crowdfunding website,, designed to help people who enjoy supporting the arts fund their favourite artists and film makers.

Now that I am planning a weekly episode of the Bald Explorer videos, running between five to ten minutes in duration and featuring hidden gems and unusual oddities from the British landscape, I figured I need to approach my supporters and loyal viewers more seriously and ask for their help.

Patreon supporters pledge a monthly donation to help get the programmes made. If I can get the numbers of supporters up to around five hundred, I can start to explore further a field and bring far more diverse shows. Have a look at the video and see what you think. And if you feel convinced that my aim is pure then pop along to the Bald Explorer Patreon page and check me out in better detail.

Thanks for your support. It is very much appreciated.

Bald Explorer and West Grinstead Station

The Bald Explorer is off to explore Knepp Castle and an abandoned railway station in West Grinstead in West Sussex, near Horsham. On what was once called the Steyning Line are the remains of a railway station that once served a route between Horsham and Shoreham, but in 1960s Dr. Richard Beeching brought down his axe and chopped the line dead.

But the memory of the line is strong.

The Long Man Brewery

The Bald Explorer likes walking and drinking beer. It isn’t wise to do them both at the same time, but occasionally, one can lead to another!

In a sneak preview to the recent filming, the Bald Explorer visits the Long Man Brewery in Litlington, in East Sussex. A fabulous young brewery with enthusiasm, dedication and great attitude. Nestling in the South Downs, the Long Man Brewery makes beer on the site of ancient brewers. And they are ‘green’ too! With their own bore hole providing fresh water and growing their own barley for malt, it makes them a winner for brewing beer.

Find out more at their website:

The Bald Explorer is back …

Shooting has begun on the new series of mini episodes of the Bald Explorer. To begin with Richard is in Sussex on the south coast of Great Britain, seeking as ever the unusual and quirky.

There are so many hidden gems in the British countryside, a lot are overlooked or ignored. The Bald Explorer’s job is to locate them and bring them to your attention.

Richard has teamed up with Dave Painter from HUTC and together they are shooting a series of 5-10 minutes features in glorious HD. The Bald Explorer Youtube channel is set up, search for BaldExplorer and you will find it. But don’t worry, all the videos will be posted here too! The new shows will be coming on-stream this month on wards, so keep watching.

Enjoy the teaser …