Video: The Stonemasons Inn

Arjen Westerdijk talks about the history and facilities of the Stonemasons Inn, a family pub in Petworth, West Sussex.

This pub was featured in the Petworth episode of the Bald Explorer and Arjen was kind enough to let us bring our cameras in and shoot a short sequence about the origins of the Inn. It had various names over the years including The Trap and the Mason’s Arms. The stone cutting theme probably arose because of the famous Petworth marble (or Sussex Marble as it was also called) that was quarried in the area.


What is lovely are the names of the previous owners of the individual houses that now make up the whole of the pull which have been placed above the entrances to the relevant sections of the building. The Stonemasons Inn dates back as far as the 17th Century, as far as anyone can tell, and probably before as it is on the main Chichester to London Road with a junction close by taking you to Horsham and it is clear that travellers would have liked to have rested on route.

You can find out more about the pub from their website at:

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