The Quest For England – In The Author’s Footsteps – Coldwaltham

I am continuing to explore the landscape around the area walked by author and puppeteer, Walter Wilkinson, who entered Sussex in the late 1920s with a Punch and Judy show, and pushed his barrow around the back lanes to find audiences.
He passes Hardham, Coldwaltham and Watersfield eighty years ago, and although barely mentions them in the book, I am keen to revisit these places and see what they look like today.
Julia is with me, and we start at St Giles Church and seek out the old yew tree, the passing point of Stane Street, the site of the original Roman Road and head towards the disused railway that once ran between Pulborough, Petworth and Midhurst.

A Visit to Hardham Church:

The Vicar of Coldwaltham:

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