The Bald Explorer’s Great Day Out!

I have come up with a cunning plan to produce an extra series of exciting and short form video productions to present while making the main features for all the Bald Explorer fans out there and I hope you are going to like the idea. In short, the Bald Explorer will be heading out for great day out and recording it on film.

While I have been working on the last three and now the fourth episode of the ‘BE’ it stuck me that in the areas I am shooting there are a load of interesting and related places and fascinating people that really should be explored and given some attention. For example, one such place that I have had my eye for ages is Hopton Castle in South Shropshire, which a couple of years ago featured in an edition of Channel Four’s Time Team. It was a dilapidated Norman hunting lodge and later a private residence which has only recently been lovingly restored and yet belies it’s checkered history. During the Civil War Hopton Castle was besieged and some awful atrocities carried out. I have been talking to a local historian about it and aim to record an interview very soon.

It isn’t just places that are related to the topic I am filming or even necessarily in the same area as the main project that I am interested in. I want to find places in Britain that are a little usual, off the beaten track and possibly being missed by the great public at large. There are some wonderful people operating interesting travel and historic related businesses too that should have a visitation from the Bald Explorer to help highlight what they do and bring it to a wider audience.

If you have any suggestions, or have a historic building or business that warrants further exposure, I would love to hear from you. At the moment I am making no commercial gain from running this website or making my video productions so I am not out to exploit anyone, just bring to the attention of those that are interested the wonderful places and history of this fabulous country.

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