The Bald Explorer on TV

I am very pleased to announce that from next week – Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th October 2012, the Bald explorer will be having its first television transmission in the UK on the Community Channel. The first three episodes will be screened consecutively over these three days with my visit to Lewes on Monday, my look at historic journeys on Tuesday and the examination of old English Smuggles on the Romney Marshes on Wednesday. Who would have thought that 18 months ago when the Lewes episode was being filmed that the programme would get to a television screen near you? I am very thrilled.

The Community Channel is a digital network available on Sky, Freeview, Virgin and BT Vision so it has the potential to be seen by loads of viewers in the UK. It will also no doubt feature on their website as well, so of course that means anyone anywhere can watch the exploits of the bald man who loves towns and history in England.

If this goes well, I hope to increase the series with more episodes on the Community Channel in the coming months. There are more scripts being developed for further adventures and also DVD sales with additional extras scenes to be made available soon.

If anyone based in the UK would like to help make this series, get involved or has some suggestions of subject matters for the Bald Explorer to investigate, then please do get in touch – I would love to hear from you. Oh yes, and do let me know if you liked the TV series.

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