Episode 3: Smugglers of the Romney Marshes

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer and in this episode he is searching for the free traders on the south east of Britain. The Romney Marshes were notorious for ancient tradition of smuggler because of its close proximity with Europe.

The invasion coast, as it was known, was the home to daring men and women who became involved in clandestine activities in the dead of the night. Boats would come and go and illegal goods would be unloaded and sent ashore, hidden in secret locations on the old marsh land. These luxury items should have a duty paid on them, but the smugglers wanted to avoid all that because it was deemed unfair.

The Cinque Ports played their part in the smuggling story too and the Bald Explorer is on the path to discover the story of how these nefarious activities took place and just how they got away with it.

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