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Episode Five: A Rural Town

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer, dashing about Britain discovering the history of its towns and villages. In this episode he is off to Petworth in the heart of West Sussex, close to Chichester and not too far from London. It is a very rural town renown for the beautiful mansion-house, upon land that once […]

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Building a Virtual Prison

It is early days, but work has started on a computer graphics version of the House of Correction which is to be featured in one of the next Bald Explorer episodes. If you have been reading recent posts you will have seen mention of this grim place and the fact that there is little left […]

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Podcast: Petworth Explored

As part of our research into a video episode of the Bald Explorer I always like to visit a place and get a feel for the location. I love to take photographs and look for the unusual. I took Jimmy with me to Petworth in West Sussex this time and we tramped the streets impressed […]

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