Shrinking the Bald One

Over the last few days I have been agonising about the approach to producing these Bald Explorer videos. I naturally aspire making them look and feel like a television programme, but the Lewes episode has taught me many things. For example, just the overall time to produce a 30 minute episode is very long and frustrates not only me but also the potential audience.

The delay between producing them now I feel shouldn’t be lengthy. Secondly, the cost in petrol, meals out and the need for different bits of kit, props or costumes to complete a full programme contributes to the over all expense. With no funding or means to claim back expenses this makes it difficult to continue the production at the pace I would like.

Another thing that hinders the production is my availability, and of course my friend Mr. Pegram who is doing the excellent camera work. We both have busy lives with other work commitments interrupting our time.

I am sure there are a host of other things that I could add, but I wont bore you with all my lame excuses. So I have come up with a cunning plan, which I hope will satisfy all concerned.

I propose to make 5 minute mini episodes of the Bald Explorer that explore one or two elements of an over all theme. These would build up to make a collection or if you like could be placed together to make a fuller programme.

Each five minute episode would therefore be released far quicker and and give reason for the audience to come back for more.

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