Podcast: The Petworth Museum

Gordon Stevenson chats to Richard Vobes about the museum.

Mr. Pegram and I visit the Petworth Cottage Museum. Here is what they say about the place: It’s not really a museum. It’s a house that has been restored, redecorated, furnished and equipped as if it were 1910. But it’s not just anybody’s house. Mrs. Mary Cummings was the tenant of 346 High Street from 1901 to 1930. The reconstruction takes account of the living memories of Mary’s time here, her Irish Catholic background and her work as a seamstress at home and at Petworth House. We have always aimed to make the place feel as if Mrs. Cummings has just stepped out. The range is lit, the table is laid for tea, the kettle is boiling.

We thought it was delightful. A real step back in time. Certainly worth a visit if you are ever in the area. The atmosphere, smells and detail is second to none and will make you appreciate all the mod-cons that we take for granted everyday!

Why not check the podcast and have a listen to the visit:

Download as Podcast.

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