Podcast: Camp Caradoc

Harriet and I headed out to investigate the other Caer Caradoc in South Shropshire. Locally this iron age hill fort is known as Camp Caracticus or Camp Caradoc. It is a wonderful example of such an ancient encampment and many people believe that this is the position of the last stand that the Chieftain Caracticus held against the Romans after they invaded nearly two thousand years ago.

A view from Camp Caradoc to the other hill called Caer Caradoc

It was in AD51 that the Romans managed to defeat and capture this defiant ancient Briton and his tribe of fearless fighting men. He was taken back to Rome and paraded about in triumph as he had evaded capture for seven years and caused much trouble for their invasion plans.

There are many places that also claim to be the last fighting place of this heroic figure, but there is more evidence for believing that this is was the camp used by the ancient Britons. The actual battle itself is thought to have taken place a little to the west of this point because no defender would want to be stuck on a top of a hill that could easily be surrounded.

A view across the South Shropshire Hills from the iron age hill fort.

Have a listen to the podcast as we head out to this important historical monument and explore its potential for the filming in the next Bald Explorer video about the Welsh Marches. I will be looking at the battle and the theories in more details as I begin a series of films about the boarder landed between England and Wales.

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2 Replies to “Podcast: Camp Caradoc”

  1. Fantastic podcast – I was wondering why you’d made a return visit until I heard the explanation – how interesting!

    I’d heard of King Caratacus (not least from the Rolf Harris song :D) but hadn’t connected him with Caradoc 🙂

    What struck me most with this podcast was the quietness, though.. not even birdsong!

    Great show as always, Mr V!


    1. Thanks James, very kind of you to listen and better that you made a nice comment. I never know if people come along a read my blog posts. I am really looking forward to this episode as I am hoping to fly around the hillforts in a microlight, assuming I can afford it! Thanks again!

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