Podcast: Brighton Explored!

Brighthelmstone as it was originally called is down on the Sussex coast and a holiday destination for thousands upon thousands each year. You might have popped down from London for a naughty weekend, a swim in the water or a stick of candyfloss. Many still do. This time, the Bald Explorer is in Brighton.

Richard Vobes and his friend Jimmy Hastell decided to go and visit Little London by the sea, as it if often referred to, on a beautiful sunny August Saturday and pretend to be a couple of tourists. They fail in that capacity because they are far too much interested in history and architecture and give a running commentary of the sights and sounds that avail them as they traverse the famous Lanes and market stalls, the coffee houses, Georgian fronted terraces and seaside paraphernalia.

The Brighton Pavilion, the favoured resort of King Georgie 4th is reached and described in failing vocabulary. Richard is in awe of the majesty of the building whereas Jimmy is slightly embarrassed by its ostentatious appearance.

Join the two amateur historians as they trek across one of Brighton’s famous cities and attempt to discover the things that most people miss.

Download as Podcast.
Download as Podcast.

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