Biddenden’s Potato Express Explores the Tractorfest Field

Exploring the size of the Biddenden Tractorfest site.

The Lovely Julia and the Bald Explorer explore the site of forthcoming Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair which opens on 18th and 19th August They ride on a back of a wagon full of potatoes just so they can appreciate the size of the show. Find out more about Tractorfest here: My videos are […]

Exploring a Disused Railway Tunnel – Argos Hill in East Sussex

Today I meet up with Dumpman, aka Chris Bedford, to seek out Argos Hill Tunnel, part of the original Cuckoo Line. The tunnel is now disused and abandoned. Join us as we scrabble down the banks of the cutting to reach this piece of industrial heritage. Today, the Cuckoo Line remains a closed railway – […]