‘I’ve Played in Every House!’ – Biddenden High Street

Irene in Biddenden

Today I am with Eileen Cansdale from Biddenden in Kent. She grew up in the picturesque village during the second World War, a time when troops were defending the southern coastline from invasion. Eileen was born in the flat above the doctors and has lived in the village all her life, revealing that she has […]

Biddenden’s Potato Express Explores the Tractorfest Field

Exploring the size of the Biddenden Tractorfest site.

The Lovely Julia and the Bald Explorer explore the site of forthcoming Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair which opens on 18th and 19th August They ride on a back of a wagon full of potatoes just so they can appreciate the size of the show. Find out more about Tractorfest here: http://www.tractorfest.co.uk/ My videos are […]