Humphrey Kynaston – A Highwayman in his Cave!

The highwayman Humphrey Kynaston was a bit of a Robin Hood character – robbing the rich to give to the poor. But who was he and where did he live? I am the Bald Explorer, from UK television’s Community Channel and I am on the trail of this notorious blackguard. He had a fortified manor […]

Britain’s Worst Avalanche…

Hard to believe but in the south of England there was a terrible disaster – in fact, the worst avalanche in British history and it happened on the site where a pub stands as a reminder of this tragedy. The Bald Explorer heads off to explore this tragic disaster in the Victorian era. He is […]

Lewes Priory

Lewes Priory – the Priory of St Pancras and I am in search of monk’s toilets. That is mostly what is left of the fabulous ruins that was once a majestic monastery. William de Warenne and his wife Gundrada founded the priory between 1078 and 1082 on the site of a Saxon church dedicated, like […]