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Paul Couchman introduces Richard to the Regency Town House

Live From the Regency Town House!

I am thrilled to announce that the Bald Explorer Live Show will be streaming from The Regency Town House on Saturday 19th May 2018 at 3pm on our Facebook page. Paul Couchman, one of the restoration volunteers, has given the go ahead for the Bald Explorer and the Lovely Julia to set up shop and […]

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Motivation For Windmill Society

I had the great pleasure of addressing the Sussex Mills Group at their annual general meeting last night at Blatchington Windmill in Hove, East Sussex. The venue; a beautiful and lovingly restored 19th century windmill. I was thrilled to be given a brief tour up all five floors. A curious mill, for it sits upon […]

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Sussex Under the Vobes Spotlight

‘Discover Worthing!’  Judy Fox, the town council’s marketing lady, exclaimed sitting behind a table at the Leaflet Exchange event at Michelham Priory the other day. ‘No need, I live there’, I retorted. ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am the Bald Explorer!’ I informed her and, do you know, I think she was impressed. Anyway, I gathered […]

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The Bald Explorer Team is Growing

One of the greatest pleasures making the Bald Explorer videos is meeting new people and working with guest presenters on the show. As well as Martin Snow, Harriet and little Lola, regulars on the channel, I am thrilled to have Julia Hartley-Neal joining me on my travels. Unconventional, enthusiastic and utterly lovely, Julia brings a […]

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One reason to become a patron

Here’s a good reason to support the Bald Explorer and become a Patron of the Vobes. Not only do you receive the daily behind the scenes podcast of my life, advance viewings of the videos I make, but also extra goodies such as this, the video of the recent theatre show, Martin Snow, and I […]

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Live Show coming up

A Live Show from Shropshire

Another Live Show is lined up for Friday 29th December at 8pm GMT on the Bald Explorer Facebook page. This time Harriet, and possibly little Lola, will be my guests as I broadcast from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Because the New year is approaching, we shall be exploring some tasty snacks and a tipple or two […]

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