New Graphics Style for Videos

A sample from a test render of the new pen and ink graphics style from the Petworth episode.
I have developed a new graphical style for the next Bald Explorer episode, the one in which I visit the rural town of Petworth in West Sussex. (Technically I refer to this as episode five even though ep 4 hasn’t been shot yet. The reason for that is I start number four in Shropshire in search of Caratacus and the weather has been so bad I haven’t managed to get back to complete the shooting!)

This is a pen and ink render, with a background layer of lit solid material. Both are married together in the compositor and positioned on a sheet of paper to represent pages of an old book, the sort you occasionally find in dusty libraries or these days in the free section of Google Books. I love old historical books, both in the way they are written and presented and it seemed very fitting for the now long gone buildings that I am exploring to be reproduced in this ‘drawn’ style. The only difference with mine is that the buildings, such as this one above, the old manor house at Petworth, (demolished in the late 18th century to make way for the Georgian stately home we see today), is going to be animated so we can view all around it.

I have come on leaps and bounds with the CG and have enjoyed the challenge of creating these ‘vanished’ pieces of our historic past. I do hope you will enjoy the whole experience when the episode is finally released.

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