Meeting Dr. Who in Rye on Location

It was a glorious day when Jimmy Hastell and myself headed off on what should have been a cold January morning, but the 2012 weather has so far been mild, much to everyone’s surprise and no one could have asked for more than we two budding film makers.

Its great to be back at helm of the Bald Explorer project and the first day’s shoot of this new year went like a dream. We were down on the boarder with Kent and East Sussex in the fabulous ancient town of Rye. Ancient not only by age, but by definition from its original official charter which lists it as part of the Confederation of Cinque Ports and Two Ancient Towns. So Jimmy and I were quite prepared to be humbled.

Actor Tom Baker takes time to chat with Richard Jimmy during shooting in Rye, east Sussex.

After shooting sequences down by the harbour on the River Rother we marched up the steep slope to the infamous Landgate, a flint arched tower that at one time formed the only entrance to the walled town. It was here that we stumbled across the old Time Lord, Tom Baker who was out doing a spot of shopping. He was certainly intrigued with what we were up to and the camera we were shooting with. I don’t recalled the legendary Dr. Who of my school days being a keen photographer, but the distinctive actor turns out to be a budding amateur.

Having engaged in a splendid chat for some 15 minutes discussing a multitude of topics from fiction to girlfriends we parted our ways and Tom whizzed off to a blue box on the other side of the Landgate. I am sure it was blue, but when I went to check it had completely vanished.

Filming often presents itself with unusual encounters, but this was a rather fabulous one to be treasured. Thanks Tom for taking the time to chat to us today.

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