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k-logoWell, we didn’t make it with the recent Kickstarter project unfortunately. I had an incredible response from all the wonderful supporters and I would like to thank everyone who pledge money and those that retweeted and shared the link on Facebook to the Kickstarter website.

Are we downhearted? No, not a bit. The one thing that has come from running the project is that there are a lot of dedicated fans and enthusiasts who would like to see more films made. There may not be enough to make them on a TV production budget scale, but perhaps in time that will change. For the moment, if I am able to generate enough expenses to make these programmes then they can continue.

So, perhaps the answer is to try another Kickstarter project – this time a short duration and for a smaller target cost, something achievable and then get on and make another episode. I am very keen to get filming on another episode as soon as possible.

Also, I have had mixed reactions about the shorter format Bald Explorers on I would be interested in your thoughts and comments. The longer format takes more time and effort to produce and is a higher quality product, and the shorter version (if I made new ones) would be simpler and less informative, but possibly easier to digest. The question is what is the right way to go?

Thanks again and more updates and news soon.

4 Replies to “Kickstarter Project”

  1. Time is always a struggle when you have a busy schedule. I would vote for the shorter format, more frequently. If I’m going to watch on my laptop and not engage in the “sit back” experience – I’d prefer 10 mins or less. It’s amazing what can be done inside of 3 mins.

  2. To be fair to the shorter episodes on youtube they are cut downs from a larger format. I’m certain that if you scripted a new BE with the shorter format i.e. shot to fit the timescale then it would be a different animal altogether. You could do several short episodes from the same area if there was more subjects you wished to cover rather than cramming it all into one ten minute episode. And if it only fills three minutes then so be it, at least its three minutes of information.

  3. I think it is a very good idea to have another go on Kickstarter and try a lower amount – it may not amount to a large budget but it would certainly enable you to create more content whether it be in the current format or shorter episodes for the web.

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