In Search of Sussex – In Which I Walk From Shipley Towards Thakeham

I am continuing in the footsteps of Arthur Stanley Cooke, author of Off The Beaten Track, published 100 years ago. I start my journey at a Knight’s Templar church in Shipley, West Sussex, close to the windmill once owned by Hilaire Belloc, and work my way across country through the Knepp Estate where they are rewilding.

My plan is to get to West Chiltington via Thakeham exploring the heritage, landscape and nature in the way. You can follow the text of chapter three (I have missed out Chapter Two) of the original book by downloading it here:

The Steyning videos mentioned are here:
A Stroll Through Steyning –
Dog Lane in Steyning –
Steyning Downland –

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