How Does He Do It?

People are always asking how I manage to get my video footage so smooth. Sometimes they are surprised when I tell them I shoot solo and there is no cameraman. “Who is holding the camera?” they cry. “I am!”

How is that possible? Easy when you are in the know. Let me explain.

My tiny GoPro5 action camera is mounted in a gimbal – a sort of low-budget steadicam rig. Three servo motors hold the camera in a fixed plane giving a smooth action when walking.  Using an app it’s possible to adjust camera settings remotely, although I don’t do that, or rather can’t, because when recording, my spare hand is either holding a stick microphone to interview someone or gesticulating wildly trying to get over a point.

My voice, when working solo, is recorded via a tie-clip mic on to a digital recorder bolted at the bottom of the gimbal and the microphone’s wire is threaded behind my shirt, out of shot, before attaching to the recording unit.

And yes I do get funny looks from people when I stride down the street apparently talking to myself, but I have learnt to ignore them and just keep going.

A button on the gimbal handle flips the camera round 180 degrees enabling me to shoot the scene ahead, giving a point-of-view shot.

So it’s really easy and a great piece of kit for those smooth results I crave. Just get rid of the idiot in front of the camera and I’d have better videos!

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