Filming Requests

filmcrewThe Bald Explorer is a free-to-view video series hosted on the internet. The short format programmes, ranging between 5-10 minutes in length, explore subjects related to British heritage, traditions, histories and interesting places. We are supported by independent patrons providing financial assistance in for the form of small donations which help pay for the production costs, including travel expenses and accommodation, as well as and other sundries associated with shooting video while on location.

We are constantly looking for interesting subjects and places to explore and we do not charge for this service. Because the final videos are available on Youtube to watch for free to our growing audience, the social media promotional benefits of inclusion within the Bald Explorer brand should be obvious.

Filming doesn’t take very long and is unintrusive, sensitive and professional. Advanced discussions of areas/interviews to be filmed ensures the morning or afternoon shoot runs very efficiently and it should be a pleasurable experience.

If you think your organisation or heritage would benefit from a visit from the Bald Explorer, then please drop us an email using the contact page. We would be delighted to hear from you.