Filming at Lower Buckton B&B

One of the lovely locations featured in episode four of the Bald Explorer as he goes about searching Britain for historic interest and gorgeous scenery is the beautiful country house at Lower Buckton in north Herefordshire, near the old Roman fort at Leintwardine and close to the fabulous food festival capital at Ludlow in Shropshire.

Carolyn Chesshire and her husband Henry have been running the bed and breakfast business there for the past ten years welcoming city folk to the countryside to relax and de-stress. With views to the Wigmore hills, an ancient Roman Leet running through the grounds and a old mill next door it is a perfect setting in which to unwind. It is also the perfect place to send the Bald Explorer to spend the night as part of his next video as he goes in search of Caratacus and his last ditch attempt to thwart the dreaded Roman invaders.

Georgie, my daughter and chief cinematographer on this project, and I both fell in love with the place, the rooms and the atmosphere and it was a delight to shoot part of episode four at this delightful and historic spot.

Why not check out the video we made as a thank you which tells you more about Carolyn and Henry’s country house bed and breakfast.

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