Exploring Cumbria: The Croglin Vampire

The lovely Julia and I are ‘Up North’ as they say, in delightful Cumbria. The landscape is stunning and the legends enticing.

Today we meet up with Rober Croser, local man and regular viewer/supporter of the channel, who takes us to the tint village of Croglin. We are in search of the vampire that inspired Bram Stoker to write his famous masterpiece.

Joins us, if you dare!

You maybe interested to read an email I received after the video went live: Dear Richard, I happened to be in Croglin the day you visited as my mother lives opposite the Church and I saw you filming and therefore was interested in looking up what you do. I have just watched what you learned about the Croglin Vampire and must take issue with some of the information you were given and presented. The house you showed as Croglin Hall is in fact my late Uncle’s house The Old Pele and previously known as The Rectory. It is not the Croglin Hall depicted in the legend – this is Croglin Low Hall some 2 miles away and at one time called Croglin Grange – there is also some dispute as to whether Croglin Church was where the “Vampire” resided as there was originally a Chapel at Croglin Grange. The fallen tree you mentioned was a large yew tree which came down in a storm some years ago and as far as I know was never mentioned in the legend. The full details of the legend and how it is disputed can be found on historic mysteries.com I don’t intend to be a killjoy with this but inevitably Croglin gets a fair few of “Vampire Hunters” and it would not be right if anyone decided to get a closer look at The Old Pele as they already do with the Church. Some of these visitors are not as careful as you were in the Church Yard and like to come late at night. As you saw there are often sheep in there to keep the grass down and they should not be disturbed either. I would hope that you will address this on your website. Yours sincerely, MS



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