Exploring Bexhill West Disused Railway Station with Dumpman

Chris Bedford, AKA Dumpman, and I are off again exploring disused railways. Today we explore Bexhill West Station in East Sussex. We’re checking out the architecture and seek out remaining clues of the building’s previous life as a terminus station for the Sussex seaside holiday resort.

Bexhill West is a closed station in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex. It was the terminus of the Bexhill West branch of the Hastings Line. It was opened by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway and was operated by the Southern Region of British Railways on closing. The station building still survives as an antiques house. The trackbed and site of the now demolished platforms are now occupied by commercial industrial buildings.

Find out more about Dumpman and his films exploring more disused railways here: http://www.dumpman.co.uk/

Our thanks to Era of Style, the antique shop currently in Bexhill West for giving us permission to film. Check out their web site here: http://www.erasofstyle.com/ My videos are 100% funded by people like you. If you enjoy them, please help me make more. Support the Bald Explorer here: https://baldexplorer.com/support/

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