Exclusive Tour of the Wonderful Jill Windmill

The Jack and Jill windmills above Clayton in East Sussex are famous. We get an exclusive peep inside the wonderful Jill windmill.

Jill is a post mill originally built in Dyke Road, Brighton, in 1821. It was known as Lashmar’s New Mill and was built to replace Lashmar’s Old Mill. In 1830, the Windshaft broke, bringing the sails crashing to the ground. A painting by Nash dated 1839 and an engraving in the Handbook to Brighton (1847) show her to have had a roof mounted Fantail, similar to the arrangement still found on Icklesham windmill. Lashmar’s New Mill was the most southerly of the three Dyke Road post mills. In 1852 she was moved to Clayton by a team of horses and oxen. The site is now Belmont—a short street of Grade II-listed villas.

Richard Suggett, the Lovely Julia loved our exclusive tour of this wonderful windmill thanks to Paul Barbour and family.

Find out more about Jack and Jill windmills here: https://www.jillwindmill.org.uk/

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