Exploring Cumbria – A Stroll across Moor Divock

Exploring Cumbria - A Stroll across Moor Divock

Today Robert Croser has brought me up Moor Divock to explore traces of the ancient world. Moor Divock is a featureless tract of fairly level land, 300 metres above sea level, forming part of Askham Fell, to the East of Ullswater. Dotted around the moor are many cairns and burial mounds, the most conspicuous being […]

Exploring Cumbria – Shap Stone Circle and Abbey

Exploring Cumbria - Shap Stone Circle and Abbey

Continuing my exploration of Cumbria with Robert Croser I am in Shap on the A6 to seek out a stone circle that Victorian engineers deemed unimportant when they built the railway. We also visit the magnificent ruins of Shap Abbey. PLEASE SUPPORT THE BALD EXPLORER My videos are funded by people like you. If you […]

Exploring Cumbria – Lacy’s Caves and the Gypsum Mines

Exploring Cumbria - Lacy's Caves and the Gypsum Mines

I am back in Cumbria to explore more of the its secret historic delights and peculiar fancies in a short series of videos. This is the first hidden in the Eden Valley. I have joined up with local history enthusiast, Robert Croser, who in this episode takes me to Lacy’s caves, five chambered man-made caves […]

The Church of Sarah Losh in Cumbria

The Church of Sarah Losh in Cumbria

Julia and I are in Cumbria exploring a rather special church, designed and built by a special lady, Sarah Losh. The Church of St Mary’s is a highly original work of architecture – the product of the exhuberant imagination of Miss Sarah Losh (1785-1853) who designed and built the Church in 1840-1842 as a memorial […]

Exploring Sycamore Gap in Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland!

Exploring Sycamore Gap in Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland!

The lovely Julia has always wanted to go to see the amazing Sycamore Gap in Northumberland, so as part of our trip ‘Up North’ we decided to take Robert Croser and Cheryl Craggs along with us to Hadrian’s Wall to find it. The Sycamore Gap Tree is by Hadrian’s Wall, between Milecastle 39 and Crag […]

We Climb Brampton’s Motte in Cumbria!

We Climb Brampton's Motte in Cumbria!

The lovely Julia Hartley, Cheryl Craggs, Robert Craggs and I, ye olde Bald Explorer (Richard Vobes) climb the steep (perhaps not really that steep!) motte that hugs the historic market town of Brampton in Cumbria. The Norman castle was an earth and timber motte-and-bailey fortification raised upon the south-western end of a ridge of high […]