Behind the Scenes Weekly Videos

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when I make my videos? My lovely Patrons receive a weekly video that gives a greater insight to what I have been working on. A small snippet recorded every day is stitched together at the end of the week to make one video. This is then sent out to my fabulous supporters.

My patrons also receive a daily podcast called The Naked Englishman Podcast. This is also a behind-the-scenes experience, although goes into far more detail. Recorded as a stream of consciousness in the mornings, I chat about my aims and ambitions, my fears and worries; but also goes deeper into my personal life exploring the various books I read, the food I eat and many other bits and pieces I’m up to.

To become a patron and join the growing number of supporters of the Bald Explorer and Vobes Show productions, check out the side bar of the website: Bald Explorer

And thank you for your kindness.

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