Bald Explorer Petworth Teaser Video

I am currently shooting two videos at once. The first being a search for the Caratacus’s last stand in the Welsh Marches and the second a visit to the rural market town of Petworth in West Sussex. Here is the teaser video for the latter.

Petworth is famed for its splendid stately home, once the property of the de Percy family and later the Earl of Egremont’s base.

The town was also known for its austere House of Correction which later served as a prison with prisoners having to work long hours on a treadmill or handcrank. Many of the poor were shipped off to Canada in the 19th Century by the Petworth Immigration Committee and in the 1942 a German bomber destroyed a boys school killing 28 of the children and two teachers.

The Bald Explorer is off to search for all these things and more in the episode. Meanwhile, while we wait for that, here is a teaser video show off some of Petworth’s rather lovely architecture.

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