A Stroll with The Friends of the Southdowns

Today I am walking near Eartham Wood, through Gumber Farm and back along Stane Street. I am close to Slindon in West Sussex and taking a stroll with The Friends of the Southdowns. My guide is John Mayes.

At Gumber farm there was once a decoy airfield that served to divert enemy planes during the Second World War. The National Trust have a bothy there where walkers can stay over night should they want to.

The Friends of the SouthDowns are set up to protect, conserve and promote the wonders of the Southdowns National Park. Many members are enthusiastic walkers and love nothing better than rambling over the chalky undulating hills. Just as we are today.

Find out more about The Friends of the Southdowns: https://friendsofthesouthdowns.org.uk/

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