A Ride on Victoria, the Traction Engine

In this video the Lovely Julia and I ride on Victoria, the Traction Engine. Sitting on the trailer, we’re pulled by a beautiful piece of mechanical history. Victoria is a steam driven-traction engine, originally in service during the Victoria Era to power a threshing machine. Farmers around the Petersfield area in Hampshire in the 1880s rented the traction engine to get the work done . The traction engine is a 6nhp, single cylinder, agricultural and is the oldest known Marshall Traction Engine in preservation today. It carries the works number 14242. She is known as Victoria Empress of India and belongs to Lloyd and Wendy Wakelin from Liss, in Hampshire. Together they exhibit Victoria locally at many events and functions. Children everywhere love to see the steam pour from her funnel and learn about the old methods of farming.

Julia, her son, Elijah and I, thoroughly enjoyed our ride through the beautiful roads and leafy lanes in Hampshire while learning about this amazing engine.

Find out more about Victoria, on there website here: https://www.sewards-of-petersfield.co…

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