A detailed look at Oldland Mill near Hassocks

Today I take a look the fabulous restored windmill near Hassocks, in East Sussex, called Oldland Mill.

Oldland Windmill was built c.1700 (the earliest record of a windmill in the area dates from 1703). It was originally an open trestle mill, with the roundhouse being added later. Records show that a mill stood in Keymer in 1755, and the mill was marked on a map dated 1783, but it is not shown on one dated 1795. The 1801 National Defence Schedule records the mill but the 1813 Ordnance Survey and Greenwood’s 1829 map omit the mill. However, the larger scale Surveyor’s Draft of the Ordnance Survey does show the mill. Records show that the mill was standing in 1828. Oldland Mill was working by wind until 1912. The mill began to fall into disrepair in the early part of the 20th century and continued to deteriorate.

Find out more at: http://www.oldlandwindmill.co.uk/newsite/

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